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God I miss you.  / Paul Harding (Father)
Nothing is as it should be without you. Your mom and I have been chatting about you all day. She seems so strong. I’m just a mess. It hurts so much. God I miss you.
7 years  / Matt Harding (Brother)
I thought of you a lot this past weekend remembering it was the last time i saw you 7 years ago.

This seems like the longest day of every year.

Miss you Chris.

Where has the time gone...  / Michelle Antonuccio (Sister-in-law)


It's hard to believe that it has been 7 years! Even though our lives have moved forward there are still silent thoughts moments missed and hidden tears. I know that you watch over all of us all the time and I know you were there pulling dad through his surgery in Novemeber. (Remember the first surgery he had and you would coach him into his happy place "the beach" you would describe it so well). Jeremy is growing like a weed he may have even caught Jon Lee won't be long before he is taller then him if he isn't already. Trish does an excellent job guiding Jeremy and even Jon when he is willing to listen...she has a big heart and I know you are happy knowing your boys have such a caring and fun person in their lives.

I just wanted you to know that you and Justin are thought of not only today but often.



hey / Jeremy Antonuccio (middle son )
another summer pasing by and more new people that get told your story it gets hard to eather hear a friend tellin it to ther friend that i just met or wen i have to tell it i wish you were hear to see my progres and a birthday coming up that you will miss im goin to be a teenager (13)   

        i love you
graduation / Jon Harding (eldest son )

 dear mom

 its about half way through the school year now im a senior can you believe it!? hah i find it hard to believe about this time in your life you were raising me. The strenght that takes dont get me wrong you left me more than strong enough to take on anything. through my experiance i have found i can  overcome almost any endeavor.

well i was just bored in class with nothing to do i just wanted to drop by its been a while and i miss you.

You are truly missed...  / Christopher Short (Friend)


It has been a very long time since we have spoken... the last time was about 7 years ago when you sent Michelle and I a Christmas card/photo of the family and your new home. I had no idea until this afternoon that you and your sweet baby had passed on.  I recently started to get back in touch with people that I hadn't seen in quite some time and I ran across Rich on the internet last night.  He and I had a chance to talk today and he told me the news... I am so empty right now with disbelief and remorse for you and your baby boy.  I only wish that I could have spent more time with you guys when we were in California and had the opportunity to see all of you more recently.  We truly miss you and know that you are in a far better place because you have a heart of gold and would always put other first.  Thank you so much for the wonderful memories we shared and for being the beautiful person you are.  Mei God keep you close until we will meet again!  We love and miss you!!! 

Christopher M. Short Anchorage AK

Update / Shannon Phillips (Friend)


The years have just flown by.  It was not all that long ago that you dropped by to see my apartment and you were there when I told you about the new guy and our engagement.  Well, I did it, I got married (ok I married him 4 years ago)and now I am a  mom.  I wish you were here.  I miss our chats.    Life seems so insane sometimes and I wonder what would you do?  You  always seemed to be so calm. 

I can see you laughing at me about that.   I have one son and feel some days that I could very well loose my mind...but you had three and it looked so easy!!!  It is one thing to be a wife but throw a child into that mix and EVERYTHING changes.  I think now I truly understand how you felt about your family.  They really are the most important people in the world.


I miss you girl! 




hey / Jeremy Antonuccio (midel son )
miss ya i got an A on my exam today
hey / Jeremy Antonuccio (brother)
miss you so much it is sad without you mommy
It's Your Brithday!!  / Matt Harding (Brother/ Dah! )

No one calls to remind / threaten me on your Birthday anymore.

I think of you everyday and really miss being able to call or visit for guidance, you know all about the trouble your lil brother gets into.

It’s been sometime I have daughter that just turned 3 you have never met, moved to Florida to be the head Engineer for the USA (You would love visiting here), more single than ever and I’m truly able to enjoy life.

Today is really hard on all of us I know we are all stronger for having to go through our individual struggles dealing with losing you and Justin but I miss you, I’ll see you again sis until then, I’ll miss you.

I’m dropping the first week of October hopefully the trees will be changing colors and Quantico will be full of fall life (leave a light on for me) . We’ll catch up more then.

Happy Birthday Chris!!
Love You,


happy birthday mom  / Jon Harding (oldest son )
Happy birthday mom! It seems like everything hit me harder this year… I am not sure why. I know you wouldn’t be happy with me missing you so much and being sad on such a glorious day, but its just to hard. Some times it feels so rough and I become so lost in this world.. I am not sure where to turn to, some times I feel so alone when i am not at all alone in fact the whole family’s there for me but its never the same as your warm and caring touch… nothing ever matches a mothers love and passion.. nothing could ever match yours. I guess now that I see I am growing older, I have to go off to college in two years, ill be 18 in four months and it just seems time rolled right by me.
I wish you were here, to see me as I make it through school and live to be the young man you raised me to be, I wish you could be here.. when I need you, when I need to turn away from the world, matter of fact your always there… but I wish you were still here, but I know you happier in the place your at, I know you watch over me and help me through the rough times and I stand strong.. never giving up and shooting for the dreams I still hold. Mom so much has changed, so much has come and gone.. Jer is in middle school, daddy is always working, there is just so much that’s happened… some times I just need to get away but I cant, I don’t know what to do some times and some times I feel like I made a mistake or maybe I was a failure… some times it just seems that way. Daddy does his best.. with out him I am not sure where I would be today.. or what I would be today. I try my best in school and around the house, though some times it doesn’t seem that way.. I know you would be proud of me and what I have achieved over time… I miss you mom, I love you… we all do

Love always
Jon Lee
Happy Birthday  / Rich (Husband)
Today was very different then any other since we lost you and jussy,
Dads Friend chapman passed away and his funeral was today and it was at the same church and everything... When I closed my eyes I saw you and our baby boy. You would be proud of me just like you always had the gift to do I put all my feelings aside even though  I thought about you and Justin, I was there for family and friends in there time of need. I took Jeremy out tonight just for Daddy and little boy time, we had a wonderful time and he talked my ear off the entire time. Jeremy has your gift of gab and my wit, which is going  to get him into trouble one day. The boys have grown so much i think jeremy is taller then you now . We miss you guys and love you very much, and think of you every day.

Love you always and forever,

Yet another Year  / Rich (Husband)

I am sorry i have not posted on your site in some time, you and Justin are always in my thoughts and prayers, So much has changed over the past 4 years i don't think i would even know where to begin to tell you but then again maybe you are looking down upon us sometimes and you have seen all of it unfold and i am sure at times you have gotten a real kick out  it. It is funny i still remember so many details about this day i think it will be something they will be with me forever, I am doing my best to make the right choices for out boys you would be so very proud of them i have been great they are going to be fine young men. They will always remember all the wonderful values you instilled in them. I promise you i will always raise them in the way you would have liked.
  Life has changed so much for me sometimes i wonder if i make good decisions, you would be proud thou i have myself in a pretty good routine now i am taking very good care of myself doing the one thing i have always wanted to do the gym has treated me very well and it is place that sometimes is the very best therapy for me i am often in there and i think about our beautiful baby and i can't help but  wonder what he sounds like what he looks like now and i would  give anything to here his voice or just touch one more time, just to hug him and let him know his daddy misses and loves him so very much, I know he with you and in a very wonderful place but i feel selfish at times and wish things where different maybe the way they where at times. Take care of our baby and watch me and boys your always in our heart

Chris you where a wonderful wife and mother and i miss you dearly
Love you forever and always
.. dear mom..  / Jon Harding (Son)
Its been a while now since I last wrote, im almost 18.. I get my drivers license in two weeks, I wish you could see, I wish you were here! A lot of people think I live life as if your forgotten, but your far from that! Some times I think back, I live in shame, some days I’m careless and live life as if nothing happened.. but that’s not true… some days I live life for my self not for you.. not for GOD.. BullFrog and I found a new church too, at first it seemed god was changing me and my faith was growing, but now I have grown apart again, I’m trying my best!.. but the temptations of life and the sins that engulf me and my soul overwhelm me.. but then I think about how you wanted me to live, you raised me well, but am I really fallowing that path!!??.. I’m trying but things seem so hard and a loose so much faith.
This home still doesn’t feel like home! The life feels so fake and plastic! But in reality.. will life ever be real?.. my friends miss you, you should see Elena now, she is so pretty! I brag about you still, how you were the coolest mom ever.. I wish I could show people. I thank you so much though, you raised me so well, you taught me everything.. with out you I wouldn’t be me!.. I know heavens treating you well, but it would be nice.. if I could feel your touch to guide me out of this hell… guide me with your light .. for I am lost.

Love yours truly and yours only

Jon Lee
Merry Xmas Christy  / JANICE ANTONUCCIO (Mother-in-Law)
Merry Xmas Christy -  It does not seem possible that another xmas is here.  I know how much you loved xmas and family.  You would be so proud of your boys and Rich.  The other night when I put Jeremy to bed he was talking about you and how you would be a teacher now. We all miss you.  Xmas is not quite the same without you and Justin.  But some day we will all be together again.  Take care of Justin and watch over your boys and Rich.  We love you.  Merry Xmas Christy    Love always  Janice
My Sweet Little Cousin  / Tammy Lontz (Cousin)
You had one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. You were always thinking of others, very selfless and loving just like my mother. Two of the sweetest people in the world. And little Justin too. Why did God take you all ? Right after the accident, my mom found out about her cancer, and in a few months God took her to be with you and Justin and Granny Tripp. I cry as I wtite this 'cause I loved you and miss you and I'm thinking about how close and LOVING our family is. Your mom and I went to a Christian concert last night and we held each other and shed tears of all emotions, tears of sadness as we miss you, Mom, and Justin, but at the same time, tears of joy from JESUS who lives in our hearts, and he is the reason I know we will see you again soon. I kiss your pictures and I say,"Life is so short... I will see you in the blink of an eye." For now I will try to be like you Christy. You and Mom. Sweet and kind and always thinking of others. Thank you Christy for being a mentor to my little Shauna. She saved all the letters that you wrote to her when she was going through hard teenage days. You were a good example for her. I hope and pray one day she will be a good wife and mother like you were. You didn't have an easy road yourself, but you made good choices Christy with the help of the Lord, and your sweet Christian mother that he gave you. I'm so proud of you!! Now why didn't I say that to your face??? Please God let little Christy read this. And Christy please forgive me for losing close contact with you when you guys lived in Fredericksburg. I didn't get to know little Justin, but I understand he was a little YOU. And now I am soooo sad on what I missed. I can't forgive myself, but I hope you and God will. Well I LOVE YOU little cousin and I will see you SOON.

Merry Christmas  / Richard Antonuccio (Husband)
Merry Christmas Chris i know your having i wonderful Christmas with our baby boy, so much has changed this year but it still very different without you and Justin, Our boys have grown so much little Jeremy I think needs new pants every week and Jon is old enough to drive, it is so amazing watching them change and grow up, they are doing so great i know when you look down on us you smile. It is still strange look back at all our Christmas's together and knowing they will always be different forever but i know in my heart you are with our baby and your very happy and all your dreams and his will come true because your in such a peaceful place.

Merry Christmas


merry xmas  / Frank Antonuccio (brother-in-law)

Here we are with another xmas upon us and myself sitting here wishing you where still with us. When I think about the xmas we have had together as a family. I makes it tough to think of have any xmas without you around. I know that you will always be in my heart and thoughts for ever. Merry christmas 

Frank Antonuccio
(brother -in-law)

So sorry...  / Kurt Kinzel
There are no words to convey my sadness for you and for Jon. I just discovered this tribute page, and it was a shock to find out Christy is no longer with the living. To lose your spouse is a terrible tragedy, and something I worry about myslef. I can not begin to image the emotions, or the hardships, or the healing involved. I sincerely hope you are doing well, and that the pain of losing her has lessened with the passage of time.

your loved ones angel day  / Julie


Thinking of you today on your  loved ones angel day

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