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Born in Virginia on September 12, 1972.
Christy Mother and Father where very much in love and prayed that they would be graced with a beautiful baby girl and they where, they brought the most beautiful baby inside and out into this world
I met the love of my life.
I had been working in a local retail store for about 2 months and one day a new girl starting working in my department, I remember it like it was yesterday I saw her at the other end of the department she was so short but all i saw was this huge smile that lit up the most beautiful face that i had ever laid my eyes on. She was only 4ft 11 and maybe weighed 85 pounds. I was attracted to her instantly our boss introduced us and from that moment I don't think Christy ever stopped talking, within just a couple days I knew everything about her she was just an open book
This was the year we got married; it was by far the very best day of my life. Watching this beautiful angel walk down the aisle and realizing she walking down to be with me, just amazed me. She just took my breath away, i remember i could barely speak and the priest asked me to speak up and I was like just come on already i am standing in front the most beautiful women in the world and all i want to do is lean in and kiss my new wife. It was actually really funny because after we thought we where done we walked up the aisle and then looked back only to see the priest waving us back because he had not officially announced us husband and wife, everyone got a good laugh out that.
We didn't care because we where now husband and wife all the trial and tribulations of being a young couple didn't matter anymore, We said we would love and cherish each other until death did us part and we both believed in those very words. We would put them to the test   in years to come, but those words held true and we worked hard and believed in standing by those words.
Passed away on June 02, 2004 at the age of 31. 
Christy and our 4 year old son Justin where in a horrible car accident in which a man forced her to loose control of her car and then striking a tree
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